TedBrakes For Mowers Stop A Mower Save A Life


The Tedbrakes™ patent was finally issued on December 27th 2011, click here to view a copy of the approved patent application. This is a great step towards getting all major manufacturers to at least offer these life saving devices as an option on all zero turn mowers.

Our thoughts on Zero Turn Mower Safety. . . 

With fatal ZTR Mower accidents hitting close to home, Ted decided to try an idea he had with fabricating a pedal operated front brake system for his personal Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower. With a lot of welding, cutting, and flat out cash, he perfected a system concept that works. This “Through the Spindle” braking system (now patented) is designed with the purpose of allowing an operator of a zero turn mower to use the brakes to prevent loss of control while mowing on slopes, and also to regain control of an out of control mower that is sliding down a slope . . .

Share Your Experience

Almost every zero turn mower has had an incident where they needed to stop and the mower by design failed them, and apparently the mower manufacturers don’t care or they don’t realize how big the problem is. Tedbrakes is giving all zero turn mower owner’s a chance to voice their opinion and tell the manufacturers how big this problem is.

Tedbrakes | Stop a mower save a life

Stop A Mower Save A Life